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Creating Musical Scrapbooks for Your Travels


I think we can all agree that trips pass by way too quickly. Once it's over, all we're left with are souvenirs and our memories. But if you're anything like me, the memories tend to fade as soon as I'm back home. So how can we hold on to our memories of our travels?

Whenever I'm about to go on a trip, I always make a new playlist to listen to while I'm there. Then I play it constantly. When I'm walking around exploring the different neighborhoods. When I'm in line at the airport. When I'm taking the train. I usually make them 5 hours long so I don't have a chance to get sick of them.

The goal is by the end of the trip, you'll associate all of those songs with that place. Suddenly that playlist is more than a playlist; it's a cute memento from the trip, like a musical scrapbook.

Now, whenever I listen to August by Taylor Swift, I think of Verona. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac reminds me of Venice. Play Need to Know by Doja Cat and suddenly I'm on a beach in Mallorca. Even if years have passed, every time I hear a song from one of these playlists, it always brings me right back to that trip.

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