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4 Cocktails to Order on your Next Trip to Spain (That Aren't Sangria)

Spain's most famous export is arguably Sangria. This fruity wine cocktail is so emblematic of warm summers spent on a Spanish beach. But there are so many other amazing Spanish cocktails that it would be a shame to never try anything different. So, here are a few of my favorite cocktails that you can try on your next trip to Spain.

Tinto de Verano

One of my Spanish friends once told me that sangria is for tourists, but tinto is for the locals. Equal parts red wine and lemon soda, this is the perfect drink for a warm summer afternoon. Tinto can be found in literally any bar or restaurant in Spain, and it's usually cheaper than soda.

Agua de Valencia

This is easily my favorite cocktail from this list. I couldn't believe that I had never heard of it before I visited Valencia, but now it's a staple at every party I host. It calls for orange juice, Cava (a Spanish sparkling white wine, similar to Prosecco), gin, and vodka. Beware - though it is incredibly boozy, it just tastes like juice. A little goes a long way.


This is a cocktail that I was skeptical about until I tried it. Like tinto de verano, it's equal parts red wine and soda, but this time you swap the lemon soda for coke. And as a bonus, it goes perfectly with the small plate of olives you'll surely get when you order this at a Spanish bar.

White Sangria Yes, it's sangria, but hear me out. It's exactly the same as regular sangria, but we swap the red wine for white wine. Light, fruity, and refreshing it's everything you want out of a summer cocktail. The fruit in sangria can vary, but it's typically going to have fresh orange, apple, and lemon slices.

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